ECDIS is one of the most complex and sophisticated navigational tools on board a ship today. All SOLAS-ships will be fitted with this equipment over the next few years. High quality training and instructions are therefore essential requirements and this is where this book can play an important role. The objective of the book is to impart practical hands-on knowledge about ECDIS. For less experienced users, the book will help to gain a profound overview of the principles of ECDIS navigation and the related challenges. However, it is likely that advanced ECDIS operators will also be able to find new answers and helpful suggestions for ECDIS navigation in this book. Based upon the principles of the IMO Model Course 1.27, the book is suitable for all kinds of ECDIS courses in different settings.

The book has been written by Ralph Becker-Heins.

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  • Structure and ContentAppropriate training is the key to gaining the greatest safety benefits from technological changes.

    Going through the book 'ECDIS BASICS' is intended to take approximately two days. Compared to the referenced IMO model course covering 37 topics, the same contents in this guide are in principle contained in 14 chapters, which follow a logical, didactical structure. It is recommended that the reader works through this course in the order presented, as the information flow is designed to work this way. For the interested reader, the syllabus of this guide is referenced to the relevant 2012 IMO Model Course 1.27 in Annex B. 

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  • AuthorRalph Becker-Heins

    Ralph Becker-Heins
    Prof. Capt. Ralph Becker-Heins is General Manager of MSG MarineServe GmbH and Safebridge GmbH, both maritime training companies in Germany. Additionally, he is a full Professor of Navigation at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen and has been appointed Honorary Professor at the Kherson State Maritime Institute (Ukraine). He previously served in the German Navy and the merchant marine, reaching the rank of master before becoming a shore-based crew manager in one of the world's largest ship management companies.

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